JBS, Hyderabad to Kaleshwaram Buses Timings


The distance between Hyderabad and Kaleshwaram is 261KM and travel time from Hyderabad to Kaleshwaram is 7hr 30min by bus and around 5hrs by car.

You can reach Kaleshwaram via Karimnagar or from Warangal as well.

The distance from Karimnagar to Kaleshwaram is 14okm and travel time is 3hrs

And distance from Warangal to Kaleshwaram is 121km and travel time is 2hr 40min

Kaleshwaram, also called the Dakshina Triveni Sangamam as it is located at the confluence of three rivers – Godavari, its tributary Pranahita and Saraswath

Kaleshwaram Temple

As per the ancient (puranam) and local villagers, this temple was established by the lord Yama
(king of Narka) and named it Muktheeshwara and at the same place lord Shiva appeared in the
form of lignam and named as Kaleshwara at the same stone. Two linga’s appears adjacacent at
the same place and called by Kaleshwara Mukteshwara Swamy Varu.
Near in this temple, we have another importance – Triveni Sangamam which is combining of
three rivers (sangamam) these rivers are Godavari, Sarasvathi, Pranahita comes together.

Sravana masam- is auspicious month that dedicated to Lord Shiva and on Shivaratri temple will crowded with pilgrims.

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Special poojas performed at this temple are Abhishekam and rahu ketu pooja, will be done on daily basis.

Kaleshwaram is one of three Shiva temples mentioned in Trilinga Desham.



Here are Hyderabad to kaleshwaram rtc bus timing

Recently the TSRTC has added few more buses to Kaleshwaram from Karimnagar and Hyderabad considering Pligrims

Duration is 7-8 Hrs




Currently we have only one bus from city, but we get many options from Karimnagar to kaleshwaram

Service No: 8495
02:40 → 06:30
Duration: 3 hrs
21:15 → 00:15
Duration: 3 hrs

every 30 mins Express / pallevelugu will be available

7036 MGBS – KRMR
00:05 → 04:00
7008 MGBS – KRMR
00:50 → 04:45
7086 MGBS – KRMR
03:20 → 07:15
8176 MGBS – MNCL
04:45 → 08:30
8178 MGBS – MNCL
05:30 → 09:15
7002 MGBS – KRMR
05:40 → 09:35
8180 MGBS – MNCL
06:15 → 10:00
8181 MGBS – MNCL
07:00 → 10:45
8063 MGBS- ASF
07:30 → 11:15
8179 MGBS – MNCL
07:45 → 11:30
TS government plans to build ‘Mukti Vanam’ which will be close to Kaleshwaram temple to draw more pilgrims.
At this historic Kaleshwaram temple,  to attract more tourists, building a theme park called ‘Mukti Vanam’ proposed to be built on five acres land.

Other major attractions at the park would be a deer park, tree huts, a pond, children’s play area and a walking track.

The State government has released ₹1 crore towards the development of the park and ₹25 crore for the development of Kaleshwaram temple.

KARIMNAGAR to KALESHWARAM Distance is 133KM and travel timing by bus is 3 hours by TSRTC bus, which passes through peddapalli.

Passengers can consider peddapalli railway station  as nearest station to Kaleshwaram temple, from here there will good number of RTC buses to temple on regular frequency.

This bus route generally busy on Monday morning hours and Sunday evening hours considering Monday as precious day for Lord Shiva.

We can also find some private vehicles engaged to travel to temple and also pilgrims can book rooms or cottages in advance for staying.

More About Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project, as beautiful place to visit



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