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Medak is a municipality and the headquarters of Medak mandal in Medak revenue division.

Hyderabad to Medak Bus Timings -Super Luxury :  One bus at 10.00 and other at 17.00

Express Type Bus timings(jbs to medak) : 

First Bus starts at 05:30 and last bus is 21.45


Here are daily bus timings from JBS to Medak

Morning Hours 5.30 ,06:45,07:30,08:30, 09:20,09:45,10:30,11:00,

Afternoon: 12:00, 13:00,14:00,15:00, 16:00,16:45,

Evening: 17:15,18:00, 19:00,20:00,21:45

Deluxe Type Bus Timings: 

07:00,07:30,08:00,09:00, 11:00,12:00,13:15,14:15, 15:15,16:00,18:00,19:00

Also, we have many buses from JBS to Medak via Balanagar, the frequency of these buses on this route is every 30min. Services operated in this route are mostly Express type.
The distance from JBS to Medak is 81KM and travel timing is about 2hours 15min this may extend on peak days and traffic situation.
JBS Medak route bus goes via Balanagar and Gandimissamma junctions.
Generally this route is busy during morning hours (Office Hours) as many of the employees/students prefer these buses to reach from Hyderabad.
Travel time from Balanagar to Medak is 2hrs 30 min but this will vary on traffic and passengers
The total distance is 107 KM

There are bus from Sangareddy, Siddipet, Zahirabad, Narsapur and Gajwel as well.
Fare are for Express: Rs 45, Super Luxury  59.00, Deluxe is Rs 50 from Hyderabad
Places to visit in Medak are:
Medak Cathedral, Medak (medak church timings)
Medak Fort, Medak
Pocharam Reservoir, Medak
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Medak
Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Medak
Koti Lingeswara Swamy Temple, Medak
Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Medak
Ramalingeswara Temple, Medak
Archaeological Museum, Medak
Edithanur, Medak
Jharasangam, Medak
any more
Popular Bus bus routes

The visiting hours for the Church for Sunday are 6 Am to 6 Pm

Sunday Services:
General Service: 9.30 Am
morning service: 7 Am

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