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Hyderabad to Medaram

Hyderabad to Medaram Full Details: Medaram is Located about 90 KM from Warangal District .

From Hyderabad, it’s about 240 KM to Medaram Jathara and travel time is 5 hours.

Sammakka Saralamma Jatara or Medaram Jatara is a tribal festival of honouring the goddesses celebrated in Telangana.

This Jatara has been declared as State Festival during 1998.This year the Jatara will be held from 31th January to 3rd February 2018 (4-days)
Day 1 (31-01-2018) Wednesday – Goddess Saralamma Ammavaru will arrive on Gadde from Kannepally village
Day 2 (01-02-2018) Thursday – Goddess Sammakka Ammavaru will arrive on Gadde from Chilakala Gutta.
Day 3 (02-02-2018)Friday – Jathara will start and pligrims will have Darshan and offer their Mokkubadulu.
Day 4 (03-02-2018) Saturday – Afternoon Ammavarlu Vana Pravesham.

TSRTC Hyderabad to Medaram Jatara Buses

Sr No Trip Route Trip Timings
82038 JBS-MDRM 05:30 → 11:30
82049 MGBS-MDRM 06:00 → 13:00
82613 MGBS-MDRM 06:30 → 12:45
82060 KPHB-MDRM 07:00 → 14:30
82019 MGBS-MDRM 07:00 → 13:30
82050 LGPY-MDRM 08:00 → 13:20
83828 MGBS-MDRM 08:00 → 15:00
82069 JBS-MDRM 09:00 → 14:45
82616 KPHB-MDRM 09:45 → 15:30
83829 MGBS-MDRM 14:00 → 21:00
82072 MGBS-MDRM 21:15 → 04:00
82610 LGPY-MDRM 21:20 → 05:15
82037 JBS-MDRM 21:50 → 04:55
83831 KPHB-MDRM 22:00 → 05:30
83814 MGBS-MDRM 22:00 → 04:00
82058 NRMT-MDRM 22:10 → 04:40
82076 MGBS-MDRM 22:30 → 05:00
82615 MGBS-MDRM 23:00 → 05:00
82018 KPHB-MDRM 23:00 → 05:00
82004 JGGT-MDRM 23:10 → 05:30
83830 MGBS-MDRM 23:10 → 05:00

Get complete Medaram Jatara Festival Schedule 2018

Hyderabad to Medaram Jatara

Traveling by Bus: first you need to reach Warangal by any Bus and from there you can get number of buses to Medaram during Jatara (festival) time.

Traveling by Train: From Hyderabad to Warangal you can take the train ( reservation should be done well in advance) and From Warangal you can get number of buses to Medaram during Jatara (festival) time.

Temple Timings: 1) During Jatara Days temple is open 24 hrs round the clock 2) Any day of the year(365 days), Non-Jatara days its 6am to 6pm

Accommodation:- Safe Forest Area, with good Blacktop Roads. In Warangal City you can avail decent Hotel Accommodation.

Being a forest/Tribal area Hotels/constructions are not permitted. Devotees either stay under trees or bring Tents / camp tents to build their own accommodation around the temple area.

Cooking / Food: Infront of temple entrance you have several tiny shops where they cook for a nominal charge, you need to provide them with the ingredients like Masalas / Chicken / Mutton / tamotos etc etc.



Hyderabad to Madaram Jatara Bus Fare

The TSRTC plans to operate over 4,000 buses transporting devotees to the famous Sammakka-Sarakka jatara at Medaram village that would be held between January 31 and February 3.

New fares from 53 locations across the state have been finalized.

The buses would ply from January 30 to February 4. Accordingly, the charge for an Express bus from Hyderabad to Medaram would be ₹360 per head (₹190 for children); from Hanamkonda ₹160 per head (₹90 for children).

For a Super Luxury bus fare, the charge has been fixed at Rs 470 from Hyderabad and Rs 210 from Hanamkonda.

The bus fare for Rajadhani and Vajra services would be Rs 630 from Hyderabad and Rs 290 from Hanamkonda.

During the main days, we will transport nearly 2.61 lakh people in a single day by operating 3,300 trips from Warangal.

TSRTC would script its name in Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of Records as it is set to carry 2.61 lakh passengers in a day by running 3,300 buses. Nearly 10,000 RTC employees work for Jatara.


Here are TSRTC Buses information From Hanamakonda/Warangal to Medaram


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is boosting up its network strength to offer free Wi-Fi internet facility to about one crore devotees expected to attend historic bi-annual Sammakka Saralamma Jatara.

The State government was committed to provide state-of-art facilities to the devotees visiting Medaram from across the country. Ensuring quality telecom services and free internet services.

Mobile data up to 500mb per day can be used by individuals with the help of hotspots around Medaram.

After mobile phone is connected to the hotspots the user will be asked to provide his details and phone number. A one-time password (OTP) is sent to the phone and on confirming it, the Wi-Fi service is initiated until the limit is reached.

‘Medaram Sena’ to take up various activities during the fair. The collector had even appealed youth to use social network to popularise the tribal fair and guide people coming from various parts of the country.


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Google Map route from Hyderabad to Medaram Temple


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