Hanmakonda to Medaram Distance, Bus Timings

Hanmakonda to Medaram Distance

Distance between Hanamkonda / Warangal to Medaram is 96.3 Km and travel time is 2 hours

Route is via Arepally, Kamaram, Neredupalli, Nariapur villages.

This Jatara has been declared as State Festival during 1998.This year the Jatara will be held from 31th January to 3rd February 2018 (4-days)
Day 1 (31-01-2018) Wednesday – Goddess Saralamma Ammavaru will arrive on Gadde from Kannepally village
Day 2 (01-02-2018) Thursday – Goddess Sammakka Ammavaru will arrive on Gadde from Chilakala Gutta.
Day 3 (02-02-2018)Friday – Jathara will start and pligrims will have Darshan and offer their Mokkubadulu.
Day 4 (03-02-2018) Saturday – Afternoon Ammavarlu Vana Pravesham.

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The TSRTC plans to operate over 4,000 buses transporting devotees to the famous Sammakka-Sarakka jatara at Medaram village that would be held between January 31 and February 3.

The buses would ply from January 30 to February 4. Accordingly, the charge for an Express bus from Hanamkonda ₹160 per head (₹90 for children).

For a Super Luxury bus, the charge has been fixed at  ₹210 from Hanamkonda.

The fare for Rajadhani and Vajra services would be  ₹290 from Hanamkonda.

During the main days, we will transport nearly 2.61 lakh people in a single day by operating 3,300 trips rom Warangal.

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