Karimnagar To Hyderabad Airport Bus Via JBS

Karimnagar is a Municipal Corporation and district headquarters of Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Here are bus timings from Karimnagar to Hyderabad RGIA Airport


06:15 → 11:00Duration: 4 hrs SUPER LUXURY

7469 KRTL – RGIA

10:50 → 15:40Duration: 4 hrs SUPER LUXURY


13:20 → 17:50Duration: 4 hrs SUPER LUXURY

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7465 KRTL – RGIA

17:15 → 21:15Duration: 4 hrs RAJDHANI (A.C.)


Here are the bus timings from Hyderabad Airport RGIA to Karimnagar

7382 JGTL – RGIA

20:00 → 00:05Duration: 4 hrs RAJDHANI (A.C)

7384 JGTL – RGIA

22:30 → 03:00Duration: 4 hrs RAJDHANI (A.C)

Many of the passengers reach RGIA Airport to travel Dubai. The total distance (airline route) from Karimnagar, Telangana, India to the geographic center of United Arab Emirates is 2679 km.

As many people travel to Dubai for work and Karimnagar leads the list with highest number of people work in Dubai/UAE/Saudi.

Passengers can opt to travel to Airport directly from Karimnagar, they consider Siddipet, shamirpet, Outer Ring Road route to travel /reach Hyderabad airport.

Here are JBS to Karimnagar Bus Timings – TSRTC

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