Plan One day outing at Wonderla Hyderabad

One day tour outing at Wonderla Hyderabad
Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad is the best amusement park for one day outing in the
city with more than 40+ rides and some exciting rides for kids and water splash games; this
is located Kongar Khurd village near Adibatla, adjacent to Outer Ring Road, Exit No 13


Here Wonderla Park Hyderabad Ticket Cost and Timings
You can drive your own vehicle or can consider the RTC bus, which starts from JBS, Koti, LB
Nagar, Ibrahimpatnam, Maheshwaram, and Charminar.
Special attractions/rides at the park: Sky-wheel, Adventures of Chikku, Termite Train, Pirate
Ship, Water Splash, Grand Pix, Crazy Cars, Rain Disco, Boomerang, Fun Racers, Uphill
Racers, Wavy and Vertical Fall, Harakiri, Mammoth, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Sea Lagoon,
Drop and Tornado, Recoil, Maverick, Equinox, Techno Jump, Twin Flip T Rex, Space Jam.

Get Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad -details.

Kids’ rides are Mini Pirate Ship, Kiddies Wheel, Carousel, Flying Jumbo, Circus Train, Twist
and Shout.
Park opens at 11 Am and closes at 6 pm on regular days and 7 pm on peak days.
Once you arrive at the park, the guide will give you park map, which indicates the facilities
with timings details and explain you the timings and options to consider.
There are lockers available to keep your belongings and change over room. It is mandatory
to wear nylon swimsuits for all the water games/rides.
In addition, big food court that offer you both veg/non veg food, snacks and drinks.
Recommend to start with water games/rides initially as they will be closed by 5pm, must try
water rides are Drop and Tornado, Mammoth, Wave pools, Uphill Racers, Wavy and Vertical
Fall, Harakiri, Water Splash.
Also, consider all the thrilling games like Recoil, Equinox, Space Jam, and Techno Jump.
For kids all the games are good and they can enjoy playing. The park team considers height
of the kids for considering the rides.
Post lunch realx for some time with crazy cars, Grand Pix, Adventures of Chikku and in
evening hours you can try the Sky wheel, which will open, post 5pm. Taking a ride on sky
wheel will be amazing little scary but worth of trying, that gives amazing view to sky and
There will some snacks counters, which will be, open after 5pm, have some snacks and can
leave the park.
Park also helps to buy some memories, as they capture images on some games and rides
like water splash, recoil, etc.
Capture memories in your gadgets or camera’s and can leave for the day.

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